The show got busy during the afternoon as entrants for the pet class arrived. There was a large Syrian entry and our Lady May was up against five other dwarves. I wasn’t too sure of her chances to be honest and felt a little bit nervous until the results were called. She came away with a Highly Commended which is the equivalent to sixth place however I know she was up against some breeder hamsters who were more likely to have been given a head start in taming. She came away with a rosette and a certificate anyway.
As the main classes were still being judged, I went to have a chat to the judge of the pet class so I could identify any areas for improvement. Apparantely May sat still long enough to be judged but she lost marks because she was a little bit skittish when getting her out of her travel box. I was also told that her condition was good so that was nice to hear.

I left May to rest and eventually the results of the Main Classes were in. I had entered Lord James in Normal Chinese, Novice and Grand Challenge. He was literally a few days over the sixteen weeks age limit for the Young Stock so he couldn’t be entered in that one. He didn’t place in the Novice or the Grand Challenge and like Lady May, came last in his class with a third place.

Whilst I may not have come away with ‘winners’, the show was well worth going and I learnt a lot by being there. I’m looking forward to taking them to a future show.