I am writing this from Wootten Bassett where the Metallica Chineseys are being shown for the first time. We arrived fairly early as Lord James was being entered into the main show and when we arrived, they were still setting things up however it didn’t stop the show secretary from welcoming us and explaining what happens. We were given a pen label for James’ show cage and allowed to get things all set up. He lookes so sweet in his show box and I wished him luck before taking him through to the bench.
After this, I was able to have a chat to some of the people around the hall. It was great to see Vectis Hamstery again and I also met Doric Hamstery, another breeder we follow on Facebook. It was great to talk about Chineseys and get some thoughts on breeding however we don’t plan on breeding yet!
I also met Jessica who follows us on Facebook and I was able to hold her gorgeous little Chinese hamster and say hello to her lovely Syrian, both of which were exceptionally well behaved.

After a walk and some lunch we came back to a much busier hall and the entries to the pet class had grown. From the look of things there were a fair few Syrians but I guess as they are the most commonly owned species of hamster, that is to be expected. Our own Lady May is being shown in the pet class and I honestly can’t say how she’ll do. Either way, I’ll know that I’ve given it a shot and I’ll still love my little monkey regardless.

I will post again with results.