I said that Victoria couldn’t keep her pups secret for long but because they were so quiet, I assumed that there was only one or two in the nest. I later saw two escapees and I assumed that would be that.

However they weren’t nicknamed Victoria’s Secrets for nothing and when it came to first handling, I was rather surprised to see six pups in the nest. She had four sons and two daughters.

Considering that there were that many, I was even more amazed at how she had managed to keep them so quiet.

Victoria was an amazing mother, she was attentive but I think she enjoyed her playtimes away from them during handling. She was calm about me handling them and all six have been handled every day from that point onwards.

Eventually I made the decision to split Victoria from her daughters a couple of days after her sons had moved out and I think she was ready for it. After a quick look around her own cage again she settled down with her food and went back to flirting with James.

The Nobrias (Victoria’s Secrets) have all been provisionally reserved and will be going to their new homes shortly. One boy will be staying here to further our show lines. Victoria will be returning to the show team but we will be considering her suitability for a second litter with Lord James lined up as the possible father.