Victoria was brought home in June 2016o as the betrothed of Lord James but also to give my rather limited show team a boost.

She started well, bringing home 1st placings in her very first show and was deemed to be ‘Young With Potential’ at her second show. This gave me some hope that she may one day go on to win one of the top titles in the show. Unfortunately she never grew into her potential and although she is cute and charming, she stayed as a rather small Chinesey despite my efforts to help her grow.

Because of her small size and James’s much larger one, I decided not to risk a first pairing with her and those of you that have followed us for a while will remember that I borrowed a boy from Vectis Hamstery for our first pairing instead. They were a lovely couple and in three weeks The Nobrias were born. Victoria was a good mother so I hoped to pair her with Lord James earlier this year. When it came to pairing, Victoria was having none of it and was consequently retired from breeding.

This normally would have meant that I could allow her to focus on her show career but with her small size being one of the things working against her, I didn’t hold out much hope that she’d do exceptionally well in showing although that being said, she seemed to be a fairly consistent average show hamster until she got a skin split in September 2017 that threatened her position on the show team. Whilst the split itself has now healed, the ruffling of her fur has not improved and I made the decision to retire Victoria in November 2017.