From the moment I intended to breed Chinese Hamsters I had always intended on breeding Lord James, the lovely boy that started Metallica’s showing career. I found him a nice wife-to-be and it was only a matter of time to allow her to grow up a bit. Or so I thought. She never grew enough for me to want to risk a first litter out of her with the size difference between her and James. Time was getting on and I wanted to get a first litter out of her before she was six months old so I borrowed a smaller boy to give Victoria her first litter. Nobby was a lovely lad and the pairing went well. The couple settled well, got on well until he had done what was required and I separated them. Eventually The Nobrias were born and I planned to re-breed Victoria in the new year. I chose my date to co-incinde with the show schedule and when the date came around I was hopeful.

Of course hamsters are going to do what hamsters want to do and Victoria most definitely did not want to get married again despite having flirted fairly continuously with James since her arrival. Literally as soon as they were put together, Victoria made her feelings for her betrothed rather clear. I continued supervising them and left them togather a little bit longer but things escalated. As soon as I saw blood, I knew it was time to rescue James. The spade that I was advised to keep handly for pairings proved its worth by putting a physical barrier between Victoria and James which gave me enough time to get him out.

My poor sweet boy had a cut on his nose that looked sore but I wasn’t going to give up on the pairing in case Victoria’s refusal to accept him was related to her heat cycle so every day I tried re-pairing them, however the outcome was never a particularly positive one.

I have decided that it was for the best that Victoria be retired from breeding and I would find a new female to be paired with James. As yet, I don’t know who that might be or where she will come from but I have to remain hopeful for now that Metallica Hamstery will be graced with another litter at some point during the year.