The Metallica Hamstery Story

Metallica Hamstery has been keeping Chinese Hamster since 2012 after discovering the species in a pet shop.

Much of my first two years of hamster keeping was spent finding out how I could better enrich their lives and that led me to the world of hamster clubs and shows.

In 2015, I welcomed home Lord James, my first hamster from a breeder who would help to start Metallica Hamstery’s show career. By 2016, Lord James had won Metallica Hamstery’s first Best In Show.

It was in 2016 that I began to Steward at shows to help me get a better idea of what the Show Standards really looked like and in 2018 I qualified as a Dwarf Hamster Judge.

In 2016, with the assitance of experienced hamsteries, I began learning the essential information needed to breed hamsters correctly and with welfare as my number one priority.

Metallica Hamstery’s first litter ‘The Nobrias’ were born later that year. Matthew C. Nobria, my keeper from that litter went on to be my most successful show hamster to date and his memory helps to keep in mind, what we are working for.