The Metallica Hamstery Lifestyle

When a hamster arrives at Metallica Hamstery they will be given a healthcheck and will then spend two weeks in quarantine away from the other hamsters.

Hamsters that are still quite young may be put into a smaller cage during this time so that they have a chance to adjust to living alone.

As the hamsters start to feel more at home, I start to really get to know them. This means that I can choose the best cage and toys to suit their needs.

Sometimes a hamster changes their mind about their likes and dislikes but that’s OK, I have a range of cages available and a box packed full of different toys so that we can try something else.

The Metallica Hamsters have the opportunity to enjoy various fresh foods and treats in addition to their normal hamster mix.

A favourite in the hamstery is chicken breast with mealworms which we like to call ‘chicken and mealworm pie’ and they often enjoy this on birthdays and anniversaries.