The Metallica Hamstery Approach

When you’ve got a passion for hamsters you will want to find someone that shares that same love for them as you do. Metallica Hamstery has been home to dwarf hamsters for over eight years and I love getting to know all their individual quirks.

When you’re looking for a baby hamster you’re going to want a healthy happy baby hamster that has been raised with love. Because I am a small hamstery, I am able to give each litter plenty of time and attention to make sure that your baby hamster is ready to come home with you.

Metallica Hamstery works with other hamsteries in the UK to find lovely hamsters for our breeding programme which means that a baby hamster from Metallica Hamstery has been bred with health and temperament as a priority. 


I am a qualified dwarf hamster judge and have a good knowledge of show standards which means that I know what body and head shape to aim for with the hamster’s health and welfare in mind.

Because I know how important heath is to having a happy pet, I have a programme of health checking prospective parents before any pairings take place which includes a test for diabetes. Any hamster that is found to be diabetic is not bred from.