It is with regret that I have to announce that, owing to a number of setbacks to my breeding plans during the past 18 months, Metallica Hamstery will not be undertaking any Chinese Hamster breeding until the latter part of 2021 and consequently I will not be accepting any applications for the Chinese Hamster waiting list.
Chinese Hamsters have always played a central role at Metallica Hamstery and they will always have a presence here but I have to do the right thing by the species I love.
As many people are aware, Chinese Hamsters are one of the species that are prone to diabetes and last year the hamstery sufered many losses due to this condition. At times it was hard to say goodbye to each sweet little soul that I had such hopes for but I kept hoping that things would settle down. In light of this, I decided not to plan to breed any male Chinese until he was at least 18 months old and in hindsight, I am glad I made this decision. Leo who is currently my only male Chinese and the only one of breedable age, has just developed diabetes at the age of 16 months. He is currently able to live a normal life, only drinking a bit more than the other hamster but the test results were pretty conclusive. In light of Leo’s test results, this does mean that I have no need to bring in a female for breeding purposes until I have another male that is approaching breeding age. This is not going to be or another year at least so after talking to a friend who knows the challenges that breeding Chinese Hamsters can bring, I decided to focus on breeding my Roborovski. I’ve really fallen for the charms of these funny little guys and they’ve certainly kept me entertained during lockdown.
Metallica Hamstery’s next planned pairing will be a Roborovski pairing between Doric Simeon at Metallica, who is a gorgeous little blue pied boy and an un-named female who we hope will arrive at Metallica later this year.