In my last post I mentioned that Victoria, one of my show team Chinese had been affected by the dreaded skin split and whilst I hoped that Victoria would recover enough to return to the show bench to finish the year off, her fur remained ruffled a couple of months on and I made the decision to retire her. She was getting on for 18 months old and it would only have been a matter of time anyway.

A few days after I made the decision to retire Victoria, I had the shock that I really could have done without… the curse of the skin split had struck again and this time it was affecting my show team lead… Matthew was on two COMs and I had been hoping that he’d be in with a chance of becoming Metallica’s first champion but if he followed his mother’s footsteps with recovery then that was looking less likely. To start with things didn’t look too bad but a week on he took for the worse. This was not a normal skin split… his skin looked sore, the wound was raw and bleeding. It was a trip up to the vet for Matthew and he came out with antibiotics and metacam to help him heal. The chances of Matthew showing again were looking slim.

Matthew is recovering steadily but he will not be finishing off the show season for Metallica this year. His future will be re-evaluated next year.