Our Favourite Things

Really Useful Storage Bins

Since 2015, Metallica Hamstery has used the ‘Really Useful Boxes’ to make bin cages and we find that it suits the hamsters well.
They are made from a good sturdy plastic, are available in a variety of sizes to suit a hamster’s needs and have a secure locking device.

Soft and snuggly hammocks

Almost all of the Metallica Chinese have loved chilling out in their fabric hammocks after a busy evening hamstering.
Most of our hammocks come from Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts , a small business that spacialises in making fabric hides and hammocks for small animals.

Yummy Seeds

The Metallica Hamsters love their seeds and can often be seen begging for some at the bars of their cages when you walk into the room.
Their favourite seeds include sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and millet sprays

Chocolate Orange Boxes

A treat for you and a toy for a hamster! Once you have enjoyed the chocolate inside, don’t throw away the box because hamsters love hopping in and out of all the holes.

Whimzees Chews

Because a hamster’s teeth carry on growing throughout their lives, they need things to help keep them at the right length and a whimzees dog chew is perfect for just that!
It’s fun to watch them trying to carry them away to their secret stashes.

Fun Hidey Blocks

One of the first toys that is introduced into a new resident’s cage is a wooden block with lots of holes that a hamster can poke their heads in and out of.