Originally I had been hoping to go to Othery but because at the time, I thought I’d be working so when I found out that I would be off I decided to pay a short visit to have a look around and get a better idea of shows. It was a smaller show than the Bath one that I visited back in July and I arrived at about 2.30pm. A young lady greeted us and explained what was going on. She invited us to go and have a look round and ask if we had any questions. I thought that this was a nice touch and helped me feel a little less nervous.
To begin with we watched a bit of the Chinese Hamster judging. The book steward, gave us a warm smile whilst carrying on with her duties. The hamsters themselves were impeccably behaved whilst being judged and were absolute beauties.

I followed the room around and looked at the sales table next which had a lot of Syrians, which appeared to have predominantly bred by three breeders. Metallica started out with Syrians a long time ago but these ones were huge. According to the man at the sales table (who I later found out to be Pete Logsdail), the species itself hasn’t got bigger but the mass produced pet market stock are smaller due to feeding methods which was very interesting to find out.

Because I would like to enter Lady May in the pet class, I went to watch them being judged. The judge was more than happy to answer people’s questions as she went along. There was several Syrian Hamsters being shown and a couple of rabbits but there was only one dwarf, a gorgeous little dominant spot chinese.

After we’d had a good look around and had heard the winners of the pet class (well done everyone!) we went to greet the show secretary who we had met at the Bath show. She had our new addition with her so spent some time finding out about him before giving him a cuddle. More about Lord James in another post though.

I’m glad I visited the show and I’m feeling a lot less apprehensive about visiting shows in the future.