Several months ago Meat developed issues with his eyes which the vet suggested were down to the irritation that wood shavings were causing so we decided to switch him on to alternative substrates. As Carefresh was the easiest to get hold of reasonably quickly we bought some and together with eye drops, Meat’s ulcerated eye healed. From that point on, the two Chinese hamsters would not live on wood shavings and since then we’ve used Carefresh. However Carefresh can work out expensive if you can’t find any deals or discounts, particularly if you’re cleaning out two cages. We had seen Fitch recommended by other hamster owners so decided to give it a try. For the same price as a 60 litre bag of Carefresh we were able to buy a huge 20kg bale of Fitch directly from the manufacturer.
It arrived yesterday and there was a few bits that had spilt out of the bag which allowed me to get an idea of what kind of home it would give my lovely hamsters. It felt softer than Carefresh and with the added bonus of being white (no more camouflaged hamsters) and didn’t have the same strange odour that Carefresh had.

I’ve not added it to my cages yet but I’ll post a photo of their set-ups when I have.