Yesterday I went to a show but the Metallica show team had to sit this one out as it was my first assessed judging which formed part of my Dwarf Judge Training.

I was excited but also quite nervous as there’s so much that you need to take into account and even though you do your best to learn your standards, it’s different when you’re sat there with 50 hamsters to judge. Thankfully I had an experienced judge guiding me through the day and I really enjoyed it. I was able to get some feedback which will help going forward and have an idea on the areas that I need to work on.

There were some lovely hamsters in the show but I struggled a little bit with handling the Winter Whites. As someone who has kept Chinese fairly exclusively for the past five and a half years, it’s now that I am finding the downsides to this but I have some more stewardings scheduled in before the end of the year where I hope that I will be able to address this.

I am exceptionally grateful to Jean from Tristar who was my Book Steward and Assessor, to Hannah from Willow Tree who was my Pen Steward, to the club for inviting me to give it a go and to everyone that entrusted their hamsters to me to judge.