I’ve been involved with hamster clubs now for over two years and until recently had only ever been to Southern or Midland shows but knew that one day I’d like to go to a Northern show too. I joined the club a couple of months ago and when Vectis asked me if I’d like to join her on a trip up to the Emley Show in August, I didn’t need much convincing. 

We made plans and it was decided that it’d be easier for me to stay with her rather than do all that travelling on one day so on Friday 4th August, I packed myself and two of the Metallica Hamstery show team off on a train to Southampton. They attracted a few curious looks but I’d opted to sit in the vestibule of the train where it was quieter and there was more space for me to keep the hamsters with me. Vectis picked me up at the station and then we headed back to hers for pizza (she’d kindly got a gluten free one in for me) and a good chat. 

It was an early start on the Saturday to make sure that we got there in time for benching and the drive up was pretty straightforward thanks to a clever satnav that diverted us away from a road closure. We had time to stop for a breakfast cup of coffee and made it to Emley before 10am. I was immediately taken aback by the stunning views from the car park. I’ve only ever been to Yorkshire once before and had forgotten what a beautiful area of the country it is. 

We thought it best to bench the hamsters first so upon arrival, we headed straight for the hamster tent. I recognised some faces that I’d seen before at a couple of Southern/Midland shows but I received such a warm welcome from Custard Hamstery that I instantly felt like I was amongst a new set of friends. I benched Matthew and Victoria and then we went for a little walk around the show. There was lots to see! 

After a little look around and having watched Vectis take part in a fun obedience class with her chihuahua, we had a look to see how our craft entries had done. I was surprised to see that my photo of Benny (one of the Metallica Guinea Pigs) came in third. I’ve never won anything for my photos before so that was a nice surprise and after lunch, when we returned to the hamster tent, there was another nice surprise as Matthew C. Nobria, the boy I kept from my first litter was in the Best In Show position. 

Once we were able to pick up our craft entries (and my prize money) it was time to go and collect the hamsters. Unfortunately we missed the main Dwarf presentation but those that were in the tent applauded us as we were given our rosettes and following the Syrian presentation, it was time to go home. 

I’d had a lovely day at my first Northern show and I’d like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome and it was wonderful to have spent the weekend in the company of Vectis Hamstery, who I am grateful to for not only giving me the opportunity to go to a Northern show but also for her wonderful hospitality over the weekend.