Just recently, with the increase in hamsters at Metallica, I have found that I have had to order Fitch more frequently so I decided that I’d have a shop around to see if there were other options that may work out better for us. I came across Megazorb when I was in an equine shop and decided to give it a go. I tried it with James and Matthew first who accepted the change without batting an eyelid and noticed that it held up to Matthew’s burrowing attempts fairly well so thought I’d give it a go with Victoria who is Metallica’s best nest builder and she loved all of the landscaping opportunities it gave her and it actually seemed to hold out better than the Fitch did. 

After two weeks, I usually notice that the cages need a clean but with Megazorb, there just wasn’t that same telltale odour that there would be after two weeks on Fitch so I ended up getting longer out of it which helped towards its cost effectiveness. For what I was paying for a 20kg bag of Fitch, that would usually last us two months, I was getting two 15kg bags of Megazorb that would last us three months. 

I was a bit concerned about the reports that some bags of Megazorb have had a funny smell but I have yet to notice this in the bags I have bought. From speaking to other members from the hamster fancy, I understand this is to do with how it is stored at the suppliers rather than it being due to the substrate itself. The other issue that some people have mentioned is that it can be dusty however I do have allergies to other substrate types and have not found Megazorb to make these worse.