Yesterday I took Meat to the vets to get his top incisor trimmed (again!) and I was going to ask the vet’s opinion on his eye which has a tendency to go sticky. I phoned up the vet that he’s registered with to book him an appointment on Wednesday afternoon for a Thursday appointment. They’re a very friendly practice and after they’d brought my details up they asked me what his name was. I told them and the receptionist said that wasn’t the kind of name that they were expecting me to say but I’m kinda glad that my boy has a unique name.

The visit itself went well, despite my concerns. There was a few dogs in one of the waiting areas but Meat and I were sent up to the quieter waiting area at the back of the practice. Meat was taken off to have his teeth trimmed but needed to be gassed for it. I was given the disclaimer about their being a risk with his very advanced age and was left waiting whilst they sorted him out. Whilst I was waiting I heard a very upset dog, yelping and pulling on its lead and it hadn’t even gone into a consultation room yet. I had no idea what was wrong with the dog but at times like this I’m glad that I’ve got hamsters. The worst that could happen is that a hamster could bite a vet and as painful as hamster bites can be, they’re nothing compared to what some other animals could do in distress.
Meat himself was brought back to me in his little carry case and the vet said he’d been very good. They’d trimmed his tooth and looked at his eye, for which he was prescribed eye drops. I got plenty of comments about how sweet he really was and had a chat with the receptionist about how he differs from the more common Syrian Hamster.