I’ve been updating the show records of every hamster that has ever been showed and in particular Lord James’s show record is one I am particularly proud of. This hamster was Metallica’s first show hamster and still is the strongest member of my show team. When he had to sit a show out recentely due to an injury inflicted on him during an unsuccessful mating, his absence was noticed as I came away with a lot less prize cards. Thankfully, showing for me is not about prize cards (although they’re nice) it’s about what I can learn about ‘what good looks like’ to help with my breeding plans going forward. From reading the judges comments I have learnt that James is a good example of a nice head but his dorsal stripe is a bit short so I know when pairing him that colour is something we might need to work on. I also know that James is rather prone to moult lines but often that nice head has been enough to put him in line for placings. 

The one show that he didn’t place, I agreed with everything the judge said and this was the start of his midlife crisis. I was skeptical as to whether he could recover from it and retirement was on the cards. Then somehow he managed it, he recovered enough to be put back in the Show team at Bath this year and somehow managed to go on to win a RBIS and another COM at Dawlish. Rather conveniently, he got his most of his rather typically James moult lines after the show and I’m hoping that as the weather warms up that he will recover again. 

I’m uncertain as to whether or not he’ll manage that 3rd COM that he’ll need to become a Champion but even if he doesn’t he’ll still have done me proud and I hope he’ll go on to produce some nice pups when the time is right so we can continue to develop our show team.