In Loving Memory

Stitch, Founding Brother of Metallica
Lil’ Meat, Founding Brother of Metallica
Lady May, Dowager Countess of Metallica
Vectis Luna Lovegood and The Janas
The Honourable Jessie Jaye of Metallica
Lilliput Miss Lilli-Victoria of Metallica
Matthew C. Nobria, Viscount Metallica
Lilliput Lucas Matthew at Metallica
Vectis Lord James, 1st Earl of Metallica
Alexander J Cormes of Metallica
Lilliput Jodie Francesca at Metallica



Vectis Cora Josephine at Metallica
Sir Henry Wiltonshire
Kwo’s Junco Vulcani at Metallica
Wellington Cyclone at Metallica
Lilliput Benjamin F. Pierce at Metallica
Rio Joshua at Metallica
Wellington Storm at Metallica
Lilliput Mr John Bates at Metallica
Lord Jack S. Cormes, 2nd Earl of Metallica
Wellington Rain at Metallica
Lilliput Nero at Metallica
Wellington Tornado at Metallica

Lilliput Charlotte-May at Metallica