Following a routine weight check on Lady May, I noticed that she had lost 5g and without any logical explanation such as increased exercise or loss of appetite, I increased the health checks I was doing on her and eventually an explanation became apparent. I hoped it was nothing serious but took her to the vet anyway. She was given antibiotics but her ability to eat reduced and I had to feed her the same soft foods that we’d fed to Meat. In less than a week, a tiny bump that was barely noticeable grew enough to stop my girl from eating the food she loved and in the latter stages, stopped her from being able to close her mouth. We went back to the vets and I was shocked at how much the wretched thing had grown and I knew then that this would be my last few moments with her. I said goodbye and Lady May, Dowager Countess of Metallica was put to sleep on 1st February 2016.