As I’m hoping to be able to make more shows this year, I decided that this one was worth a visit. I’d already decided in advance not to take Lady May but Lord James came along and was entered into the main show.

Upon arriving at the show, I was asked if I’d like to have a go at Pen Stewarding and as this was something I’d already decided that I’d like to have a go at, I didn’t take much persuading. I was given a quick run through of what the job involved and once the judge arrived we were ready to begin. It really was very interesting watching how the hamsters are judged and I learnt so much about the different colours (particularly in the Campbells and Winter White breeds). There were some beautiful hamsters being shown and I look forward to volunteering again at a future show.

James was up against his mum and his brother as well as two others from Vectis Hamstery in the Chinese Normal class. He placed bottom but the other four really did deserve their higher placings and James came away with a score of 72.5 which wasn’t too bad considering the fact that he’s still quite young and Chinese don’t often reach their full potential until they’re a bit older. In the duplicate classes we came away with a 3rd Place in Small Hamstery and a Commended in Novice.