For anyone who hasn’t read our post on Hamster Central about our fussy little madam, here’s an update on May’s food situation.

She came home with quite a large bag of food that she was fed in the pet shop but within a couple of weeks she decided that she would only eat the small pieces. I thought nothing of it because she is, after all, a dwarf hamster so I bought her some dwarf hamster food and introduced it to her gradually. She started well, emptying the entire serving into her stores for later. We managed to break her of that habit but she then decided to start being picky. She would take her favourite pieces out and would ignore the rest meaning we were throwing a large amount away. Worried about her nutrient intake, I started adding a complete pellet food to her diet, the food that we used to feed to Meat. At first she wasn’t keen but now she’s more than happy to eat it above the mix. I was reading the packet of one of the mixes we’d tried with her and sugar was high up on the ingredients list which is surprising considering the fact that it was a dwarf hamster food and they can be prone to diabetes. On top of this there were artificial colours which seems stupid considering the fact that hamsters are colour blind. In light of this, I ask myself why manufacturers are doing this? Is it to appeal to the owners who want the food to look nice in our hamster’s food bowl? We are un-necessarily feeding our beloved pets chemicals for the sake of a silly idea that food should look a certain way and I think it’s time that this stopped. Manufacturers should lead the way and take these chemicals out and eventually owners will have no choice but to feed something that is a little bit better for their pets.