IMG_4026As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I was planning to go to the Southern Hamster Club’s show in Bath to get a feel of what it was all about before I thought about entering in the future. I went to the show with my mum and when we arrived we looked at some of the Syrian Hamsters in the main class. I’ve kept Syrian Hamsters before but some of these looked huge compared to how I remember the Syrians I had were. Then again I have heard that breeder hamsters can be larger than pet shop hamsters.
Following this we observed the dwarves. There weren’t a huge amount of entries from my favourite species and certainly a lot less than in the Campbells and Winter White categories however I saw my first Chinese BEW and a simply delightful little dominant spot. I was quite interested to watch the judges at work and I realised that it was probably for the best that I’d already ruled out entering Lady May quite yet as there’s no way she would have kept still long enough to be looked at.
Even though I have already decided where I would like the next addition to Metallica Hamstery to come from, I had a little nosey at the sales table. The hamsters there varied in price but all of the ones I noticed were cheaper than my latest pet shop hamster purchase which to me, is a great deal as you know that these hamsters have been raised by club members who care more about the welfare of their livestock than your average pet shop who may be sourcing from rodent mills. At the time, I only noticed two Chinese. A dominant spot boy and a normal girl. The boy was asleep and partially buried so I couldn’t really see how beautiful he actually was but the girl was awake and looking very chilled out. Whilst at the sales table I watched as a prospective owner (possibly) was handling a white Syrian. As someone who has so far only ever sourced hamsters from pet shops, I’ve seen more hamsters who are anxious about being handled by a prospective owner than I have ones as calm as this little one was.
I also had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of members from the Hamster Central Forums and it was great to speak to people who actually understand the enthusiasm for rodents.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to another show but I’m so glad that I decided to visit today.