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Current Waiting List Status: Closed to new applications

The application form is nothing to worry about and helps me to match you with the hamster that will be the best fit for your home.

About You

This is so I know how to get in touch with you when there is a baby hamster for you. I will also need to know if you are applying for yourself or someone else.

What you are looking for

This helps me match you with the best hamster for your home

Hamster care

This gives me an idea on how you are planning to house your new hamster so that I can make the transition as easy as I can for them.

If you would like some advice on choosing cages, substrates, toys or food please don’t hesitate to ask.

Your responsibilities

This just asks you to confirm that you understand everything you need to know about buying a hamster from Metallica Hamstery.

When you have submitted the application form, you will hear back within 1 week. This email will confirm receipt of your form, ask for clarification on any points and will answer any questions you included on your application form.

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Applications for our waiting list are currently closed. To be notified when we're open again, please enter your email address here.

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