I’m currently looking after Sooty who normally lives with Becky and Sooty normally lives on wood shavings rather than the Carefresh that Meat and May live on. I didn’t think that it would be an issue, particularly as Meat had lived on wood shavings for three years and I’d had hamsters as a teenager without issue. However within a day of Sooty coming to stay, I began to get a sore throat and itchy eyes. At first I thought I might be getting sick but then I realised that I only really felt that way when I was at home and had spent a lot of time downstairs where the hamsters are.

I took an anti-histamine and began to feel better but Sooty is going to have to have her substrate changed to Carefresh for the duration of her stay with me. I’m not sure what she’ll make of it but she should be ok.