Other Useful Sites

National Hamster Associations
Regional Hamster Clubs
Other Breeders and Exhibitors

Vectis Hamstery – Exhibitor/Breeder of Syrian, Roborovski and Chinese Hamsters and located in South England
Lilliput Hams – Exhibitor/Breeder of all species of Hamster located in Warwickshire
Willow Tree Hamstery – Exhibitor/Breeder of Chinese Hamsters located in West Midlands
Rio Hamstery – Exhibitor/Breeder of Roborovski Hamsters located in Staffordshire
Mally Hams – Exhibitor/Breeder of Syrians (Cream) and Winter Whites
Tristar Hamsters – Breeder/Exhibitor of Syrian, Campbells and Winter White Hamsters located in Bath and London
Polecat Hams – Breeder/Exhibitor of Roborovski Hamsters located in the North East of England.
Strong Brew Hamstery –  Breeder of Syrian Hamsters located in Canada

Rescue Organisations
Suppliers and Services

Garston Veterinary Group – Vet to The Metallica Hamsters
Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts – Handmade luxury cage furniture
Dainty Paws UK – Hammocks for small animals
Picklemouse Pet Services – Website designer specialising in pet-related websites.
Hamster Central Forums – Discussion forum for hamster care.