Cherishing every little personality

Based in West Wiltshire, a few miles away from Bath, Metallica Hamstery primarily specialises in the Normal (Agouti) Chinese.

Retirees and Pets

Cora 'Beans'

Former Show Team reserve

Female Normal Chinese from Vectis Hamstery

Official Name: Vectis’s Cora Josephine at Metallica
Date of Birth: 2nd July 2017
Arrived: 21st October 2017

Cora arrived in Metallica Hamstery as the fourth wife of Lord James and dutifully provided seven babies and following her maternity confinement attended a few shows for Metallica Hamstery where the entry numbers needed boosting.
Cora is a friendly hamster but loves to be busy building nests and burrows in her cage rather than sitting for cuddles.


former show team member

Male Husky Roborovskie from Rio Hams

Official Name: Rio’s Joshua at Metallica
Date of Birth: 13th August 2017
Arrived: 30th September 2017

Joshua is a lively little lad who likes nothing better than running around his cage and digging in his sand.
He showed in the Non-Standard section of the show for Metallica Hamstery on four occasions.