Previous Hamsters


Official Name: Stitch, Founding Brother of Metallica
Type: Normal Chinese
Born: 15th November 2011
Brought Home: January 2012
Died: September 2014

Stitch was a Chinese Hamster who came to Metallica in January 2012 with his brother Meat. When we first met Stitch he was lively, coming up to the glass of the cage to say hello whilst his brother sat peacefully at the back. To begin with Stitch lived happily in the same cage as his brother for just over six months however they had a fight one evening without any warning and had to be separated. Although Stitch took a little bit of time to get used to his brother’s departure, he soon settled down again.

In the latter stages of Stitch’s life, he began to slow down and eventually he developed a wheeze. He was taken to a vet where he was given antibiotics but unfortunately this did not cure Stitch’s health problems and he died in his sleep on 27th September 2014 at the age of two years and ten months.


Gender: Male
Type: Dominant Spot Chinese
Born: September 2014 (estimated)
Brought Home: January 2015
Died: March 2015

Garfunkel was an energetic hamster who came to Metallica Hamstery from the adoption centre of Pets at Home. Not a lot was known about Garfunkel’s previous life but we have been told that he and his brother were returned after their previous owners had become bored of them. Garfunkel’s brother had already been adopted when we took Garfunkel on at the beginning of 2015.

It was noted upon adoption that Garfunkel had signs of an injury upon adoption and there was some swelling to this. This was checked out by a vet, who after having ruled out an infection diagnosed Garfunkel with a tumour on his jaw. Although it was not known what Garfunkel’s future would hold at the time, his tumour began to grow and Garfunkel died on 4th March 2015.

"Maybe peoples will be impressed at my wildness" Meat thinks he's doing a great job of pretending to be a wild hamster. #hamster #hamstersofinstagram #pets #meatfromfluffagrams


Official Name: Lil’ Meat, Founding Brother of Metallica
Type: Normal Chinese
Born: 15th November 2011
Brought Home: January 2012
Died: June 2015

Lil’ Meat was a Chinese Hamster who came to Metallica in January 2012 from Pets at Home with his brother Stitch. When we first met Meat he was quiet, preferring to sit at the back of the cage in the pet shop whilst his brother attracted people’s attention by playing at the front of the cage. Meat lived happily in the same cage with his brother for just over six months but eventually they began to fight but before we could separate them, the boys had a serious fight which led to Meat obtaining a cut over his eye and an injury to his left back paw. Meat was finally given his own space and his eye injury healed with a bit of TLC.

The paw that was injured in a fight with Stitch has never healed properly although it never affected Meat’s ability to walk until his later years. Metallica Hamstery remained committed to enabling Meat to enjoy the golden era of his life. Meat suffered a stroke and was put to sleep on 4th June 2015 at the age of three years and almost seven months.

11356750_1069420266436610_1124249413_nLady May

Official Name: Lady May, Dowager Countess of Metallica
Type: Normal Chinese
Born: 1st January 2015
Brought Home: March 2015
Died: February 2016

Lady May was a Normal Chinese hamster who came to Metallica in March 2015 from a small pet shop chain where she lived with her sisters. May was fairly shy when we first brought her home and it took a while to gain her trust but eventually she settled in. A fussy eater, May tried several hamster mixes before settling on a diet that primarily consists of crushed Science Selective biscuits. May loved sunflower seeds and used to beg for them whenever she thought she could get away with it!

Although purchased in a pet shop, May was the first Metallica hamster to be awarded a rosette at a hamster show.

Following a routine weight check just after her first birthday, it was noticed that May had lost a lot of weight and health checks on her increased. A week or so later a lump on May’s chin was noticed and she was promptly taken to the vet. Despite a course of anti-biotics the lump continued to grow and Lady May was put to sleep on 1st February 2016.

"I's just chilling in mug" #hamster #pets #sootyfromfluffagrams


Gender: Female
Type: Hybrid Russian
Born: June 2014 (estimated)
Brought Home: October 2014
Died: December 2016

Sooty is a pretty little Hybrid Russian Hamster who came to Metallica Hamstery in October 2014 from Pets at Home. She was the first Russian hamster to be welcomed to the Metallica family and lived with Becky. Sooty’s attractive looks were what got her noticed and she was given a home later that day. She was a very nervous little lady to begin with and we think that this is due to a lack of previous handling but with time and effort Sooty became more relaxed.

Sooty was a lively girl who loved nothing better than running around on her wheel and was absolutely fascinating to watch. Of course a sportswoman needs to have good nutrition and Sooty was no exception to this and loved her food. She would excitedly jump into a freshly filled up bowl to pick out her favourite bits for later.

In late 2016 Sooty began showing signs of age and was found in her forever sleep on 28th December 2016.


Official Name: Vectis’s Luna Lovegood at Metallica
Type: Normal Chinese
Born: 24th September 2016
Brought Home: 12th May 2017
Died: 7th August 2017

Luna Lovegood was born at Vectis Hamstery and came to live at Metallica with the intention of being paired with Lord James. She settled well and soon had us wrapped around her tiny paws.

Luna was paired with Lord James in July 2017 and developed complications following the birth of her pups. Luna died on 7th August 2017.

Jessie Jaye

Official Name: The Honourable Jessie Jaye of Metallica
Gender: Female
Type: Dominant Spot Chinese
Born: 20th January 2016
Brought Home: February 2016
Status: Pet Only
Died: 30th November 2017

Lively little Jessie Jaye arrived at Metallica Hamstery at the age of just six weeks old and promptly set about to burying her food bowl in substrate! An excellent and agile climber, Jessie quickly learnt to climb up pretty much anything in her cage.

Jessie was a friendly and excitable little hamster who loved to come up to the mesh on the front of her cage to say hello. Jessie was also well known for her housekeeping antics where she’d often rearrange all the substrate in her cage into her own funny little way.

Jessie was taken to her first hamster show in November 2016 and came away with a 2nd place in the Pet Dwarf class.

Jessie died on 30th November 2017.