Current Hamsters

YEBR0779Lord James

Official Name: Vectis’ Lord James, Earl of Metallica
Type: Normal Chinese
Born: 4th August 2015
Brought Home: October 2015

Lord James came to Metallica from Vectis Hamstery, a breeder of hamsters and exotics based in the South of England.

James is a soppy lad who loves nothing more than sitting in the arms of his human for a cuddle. A little prone to laziness at times, James loves to chill out in his hammock but during his more active moments, he loves a good dig in his substrate.

James was the first show hamster at Metallica Hamstery and led the show team until his retirement in May 2017. He placed third in his class at his first show and has made improvements since then, coming away with 2 first placings and a second by his third show and winning Best in Show in Cardiff 2016. In 2017, James won Reserve Best in Show in Dawlish. James was retired from showing in May 2017.

James holds two Certificate of Merits and an NHC Diploma.

12771678_492831070900215_8569089424770300844_oJessie Jaye

Official Name: The Honourable Jessie Jaye of Metallica
Type: Dominant Spot Chinese
Born: 20th January 2016
Brought Home: February 2016

Lively little Jessie Jaye arrived at Metallica Hamstery at the age of just six weeks old and promptly set about to burying her food bowl in substrate! An excellent climber, Jessie quickly learnt to climb up the water bottle in her tank cage to hang upside down on the roof mesh. She was later moved to a bin cage where a hammock could be hung for her own safety and she settled in well.

Jessie is a friendly and excitable little hamster who loves to come up to the mesh on the front of her cage to say hello. Jessie is also well known for her housekeeping antics where she’ll often rearrange all the substrate in her cage into her own funny little way.

Jessie was taken to her first hamster show in November 2016 and came away with a 2nd place in the Pet Dwarf class.


Official Name: Lilliput’s Miss Lilli-Victoria of Metallica
Type: Normal Chinese
Born: 5th April 2016
Brought Home: June 2016

Victoria came to Metallica from Lilliput Hams, a breeder of hamsters located in the Midlands.
To begin with, tiny Victoria was a little bit shy in her new surroundings only recently having been separated from her siblings but soon settled down in her new home.
Victoria is a sweet and beautiful girl who is an expert at the ‘Chinesey Cling’ and is a champion nest builder.

Victoria was entered into her first show on 16th July 2016 where she came away with a 1st Place in Normal Chinese and Intermediate and a 4th Place in Small Hamstery.

Victoria is the mother of Metallica Hamstery’s first litter, The Nobrias and her son Matthew C. Nobria also lives at Metallica Hamstery.


Official Name: Sir Henry Witonshire
Type: Black Eyed Cream LH Syrian
Born: 29th April 2016
Brought Home: September 2016

Henry came to live at Metallica after his previous owners could no longer keep him and was briefly rehomed with a loving family. Unfortunately his new owners developed an allergy and he returned to our care. Henry now lives with Becky where he is able to enjoy being spoilt.

Henry is the first Syrian to be kept as a pet by Metallica Hamstery in over 15 years.




Official Name: Matthew C. Nobria, Viscount Metallica
Type: Normal Chinese
Born: 8th October 2016
Brought Home: Born Here

Matthew is the son of Miss Lilli-Victoria and was born at Metallica Hamstery in October. Part of a litter of six, Matthew had three brothers and two sisters and was separated from his brothers at six weeks old. Matthew found adjusting to being on his own a bit challenging but has eventually settled down into his new home.

Matthew is a cheeky and enthusiastic hamster who loves to run on his wheel

Matthew joined Metallica Hamstery’s show team in February 2017, winning Reserve Best in Show by his third show and won Metallica Hamstery’s first home-bred Best In Show in August 2017.

Matthew currently holds two Certificates of Merit.


Official Name: Kwo’s Junco Vulcani at Metallica
Gender: Female
Type: Normal Chinese
Born: 20th March 2017
Brought Home: 13th May 2017

Juno was born in Denmark and travelled to Metallica via Houten and Vectis Hamstery and arrived at Metallica in May 2017. A tiny, delicate little girl, Juno needed to settle into her new home and gain confidence but after an adjustment to her caging, she began to settle and made her showing debut in June 2017 at Andover.

Juno loves to dig and bury everything in her cage and has an elaborate network of tunnels leading to her nest.


Official Name: Rio’s Joshua at Metallica
Gender: Male
Type: Husky Roborovski
Born: 13th August 2017
Brought Home: 30th September 2017

Joshua is the first Roborovski to live at Metallica Hamstery and he came to Metallica from Rio Hams, a breeder of Roborovski from Staffordshire. Like all Roborovski, he’s lively but has settled well into his new home and enjoys brief handling sessions.