Keeping your information safe

I hold the details of present, and perspective owners of my hamsters and this page sets out exactly what information I collect, use and store this information.

How I collect your information?

When you request to be added to the waiting list for one of my hamsters, I only request information that I feel is appropriate to gain an understanding of the type of home you are offering one of my hamsters and contact details so that I can notify you when a hamster is available for you.

What information I hold?

Upon applying to join my waiting list, I will hold your name an email address and I will use this to contact you with updated on the status of the waiting list.  These details are held after collection of your hamster so that I can provide you with any relevant health information that could affect your hamster.

How I store your information?

I store your information electronically in a folder on a password-protected computer.  No one else has access to the computer that your details are stored on and I do not pass your information on to anyone else.

If you have any queries about what information I am holding about you and why or you wish to amend or remove this information then I am happy to comply with your request.