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Based in West Wiltshire, a few miles away from Bath, Metallica Hamstery primarily specialises in the Normal (Agouti) Chinese.

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Two Years of Showing

Last week saw Metallica Hamstery’s second ‘Showniversary’ and during those two years I have embarked on a journey that has seen my knowledge and understanding

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Skin Split Updates

In my last post I mentioned that Victoria, one of my show team Chinese had been affected by the dreaded skin split and whilst I

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Just recently, with the increase in hamsters at Metallica, I have found that I have had to order Fitch more frequently so I decided that

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New Roles

The past 12 months has held a couple of new roles for me to try and the chance for me to give something back to

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Jessie’s Caging Issues

For some time I’ve had to keep my Chinese in smaller cages as they’ve refused to settle in the larger ones and I actually became

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Victoria’s Secrets 

Several weeks ago I paired Miss Victoria to Nobby, a lovely lad that was here on loan from Vectis Hamstery. The couple settled in nicely

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