Cherishing every little personality

Based in West Wiltshire, a few miles away from Bath, Metallica Hamstery primarily specialises in the Normal (Agouti) Chinese.

Rehoming to Breeders

I will only rehome hamsters for breeding purposes to NHC registered club members. This is to ensure that my hamsters are only being used in a responsible breeding programme and according to NHC codes of conduct.

If you are interested in becoming a breeder then please get in touch with me. I am happy to help you learn what you’ll need to know before starting a responsible breeding programme however I will not simply tell you how to undertake pairings until I am satisfied that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the species as well as the risks involved to the prospecive parents as well as any potential offspring.

I am happy to loan out stud animals to other breeders if I know you as I want to help other breeders develop their lines and to add genetic diversity to the UK stock. Please discuss this with me if you are interested.