ethics and mission

Metallica Hamstery maintains strong standards to produce healthy, well-tempered Chinese Hamsters and in order to be able to do this I take the utmost care to select the healthiest and even tempered parents.

I do not breed from any hamster until they are of an appropriate age and will be allowed sufficient rest period to allow the mother to recover following the birth of any litter. In addition to this, I will not breed from any female more than twice and will retire any breeding hamsters at the appropriate age. Prior to pairing I will test all prospective parents for diabetes and ketones and if a hamster is discovered to be diabetic, I will not breed from them and they will be looked after here, where we will be able to access suitable veterinary treatment. I will on occasions use loaned hamsters for breeding purposes if I do not have a suitable parent for the planned pairing but all loaned hamsters are sourced from other members of the hamster fancy and have been cerefully selected for their suitability to breed.

All pups will remain with their mother until they are four weeks old when they are fully weaned and will be split into separate sex groups. Pups will remain in these groups until they are rehomed at the minimum of six weeks however I will separate pups earlier than this if any fighting begins to occur. Prospective rehomers not known to me personally will be expected to fill out the required questions so that I can be sure that my hamsters are going to the most suitable homes and I will only rehome hamsters for breeding purposes to those people who belong to clubs that are affiliated with the National Hamster Council. All rehomers will receive their hamster’s pedigree certificate and the guarantee that I will accept back any hamster that was bred by myself.

All of the Metallica Hamsters are kept in cages that meet the NHC guidelines and I take pride in providing the right environment according to the hamster’s individual needs and personality. My hamsters currently live on Megazorb which is an equine bedding manufactured fro virgin wood pulp, have plain white toilet tissue in their nests and are fed a base diet of hamster muesli with various additions included depending on their current life stage and condition. In addition to this they recieve appropriate treats and supplemental foods including chicken and fresh produce.

Any hamster that is shown under the Metallica Hamstery prefix will have been assessed for their suitability prior to being entered into any show. This assessment includes a general judging of their temperament and condition and how well they can be handled after being woken up. Hamsters not deemed to be suitable for showing remain at Metallica Hamstery as pets.

I keep the records of all hamsters that pass through Metallica Hamstery. These details include parentage (if known), colouring, health notes which include weights and the source and destination of the hamster if rehomed.