Do you have any baby hamsters for rehoming at the moment?

As a small hamstery, I do not breed on large scales and operate a waiting list system for those people that are interested in rehoming a baby from me. Those not known to me personally through NHC affiliated hamster clubs are asked to fill in my rehoming form. Once accepted, I will contact you when there is a suitable hamster available however if you have found a hamster from an alternative source or would rather wait a bit longer for any other reason then please let me know so that I can offer that hamster to another person.

Can I adopt one of your retired show hamsters?

All of the Metallica Hamsters that are listed on my website are first and foremost my pets and will not be available for rehoming.

Do you require a rehoming fee?

I have a rehoming fee of £10 per hamster and this is to help to cover the costs involved in raising the pups.

Does Metallica breed specific colours?

Metallica Hamstery currently specialises in the breeding of Normal (Agouti) Chinese Hamsters.

Do you screen your Chinese Hamsters for diabetes?

All of my Chinese are screened for diabetes prior to pairing and before they go to new homes. In addition to this I will test them at regular two month intervals or if they are displaying a symptom or behaviour that has given me cause for concern

Are you registered with the National Hamster Council and are you a member of any hamster clubs?

I am a full member of the Southern Hamster Club and an associate member of the Midland and Northern Hamster Clubs. I adhere to the standards and ethics set by this governing body concerning the care and breeding of hamsters and Metallica Hamstery is a registered prefix with the National Hamster Council.

Where are you located?

I am located in the west of Wiltshire, about 10 miles away from Bath.

Who was the first hamster at Metallica?

My journey into hamster care began in the 1990’s with a Syrian Hamster named Zack. Chinese Hamsters didn’t become part of my life until 2012.

Where have all of your hamsters come from?

Prior to January 2015, all of my hamsters were obtained from pet shops but the decline in availability has led to the species becoming harder to find. In January 2015, I adopted a Chinese Hamster who had health issues and following that I returned to sourcing my hamsters from pet shops until I got my first hamster from an NHC registered breeder in October 2015. As Chinese Hamsters are now not available in pet shops, Jessie Jaye was the last pet shop Chinese Hamster owned by Metallica Hamstery.

All of my breeding hamsters are either sourced from other NHC registered hamsteries or have been bred here.

Why Chinese Hamsters?

Ever since I first set eyes on a Chinese Hamsters, they have had a special appeal to me. Often thought of as being difficult to tame due to their shyness, I have found them to be a very loving species once tamed. Packed full of personality and are quite intelligent for a small animal, I am genuinely interested in watching their character develop as they interact with their environment.

In the right environment, I believe that the Chinese Hamster can really thrive and come out of their shells to become wonderful pets.

Can I come and visit your hamstery?

Whilst rehomers are welcome to pick up their new hamster from me, I do not offer tours of my hamster room. If you would like to be sure of the standards that I maintain then please ask and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

What happens to your non-showing hamsters?

All of my hamsters are cherished and valued for the individual personalities that they are and are loves as pets and members of my family.

Why the name Metallica?

When I chose the name Metallica, I was met with some apprehension as it’s not exactly a cutesy name however I chose the name Metallica because I am a fan of classic rock music and many of our hamsters have subsequently been named after musicians. It seemed only right to name my hamstery along this theme as a tribute to some of those hamsters who were there when it all began.